It’s been fun…

….to figure out what to start stitching on after such a long hiatus. I do plan to go to Japanese Embroidery class next week (for 2 days) and I hope to finish Phase I, reacquaint myself with Phase II-III and order Phase IV for next fall. I pulled several counted thread on fabric pieces out to work on, my Christmas Table Runner and napkins will be my surface embroidery project and for needlepoint, I am not yet certain, but I think I will put away my Summer Cottage and work on my black Jinice Kimono or perhaps her Nejerbana Flowers canvas. I am close to finishing the flowers canvas as I am down to working on the background, which I’ve changed from cream to black and some finishing work such as sinking couched threads—so perhaps I will pull out both of them and switch to the kimono when I get tired of working on background stitching. Then again there’s the Hapsburg Lace canvas that I enjoying working on so much—created by Tanja Berlin. Hmmmmm—so many good choices. Lastly, I am working a perforated paper piece from the Victorian Motto Shop—a very, very dangerous place for me to go—which says “Always Kiss Me Good Night” and is destined to hang above our bed.

I like having  a variety of different projects of varying techniques and skill levels. It means that I can find something to work on when I’m tired, when I don’t have a lot of time, or when I want to stretch the boundaries of my abilities. The last one will probably not happen until have the Bar exam in July. Until then, I am working on project that I can focus on for a few house, then put down to return to studying.

Once I get everything decided on, I will post pictures. In the meanwhile, I decided that I needed a new wool applique project, since I finished my last one and didn’t have another one to start. I found the BEST source for some wonderful kits called Wooly Lady . I ordered:


Inspired by Irises—in my favorite colors of all time



Fushia Fancy

The techniques are blanket stitch applique and some surface embroidery. And I think they are fabulous. Now to decide which I will work on first.

Well, that’s all for tonight. I’m going to head for bed, as I have work to do early in the morning. I hope you all have had a wonderful day filled, at least in part, by stitches.



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