…sometimes is slow in coming. I just finished a law degree. I am preparing for the Bar exam. Those are both good things—things that I care about very deeply. But for many years now, I have had a longing to teach needlework, to create a place in this wide world where people can come to share their love of stitching, to learn and to share, to somehow find a way to turn this avocation of mine into a vocation. But to do that requires a significant investment beyond what I already have invested in a library and material and, in the future, offers only meager earning potential. We have never had—and don’t currently have— the means for such an investment. I have prayed about MY vision many times. And God’s answer has always been ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ or ‘I have something different in mind for you, daughter.’


I was thinking about this earlier today—perhaps feeling just a tad frustrated—and one of the first things to greet me on Facebook was this reminder:

unmet longings

Now all I can say is….Amen.



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