…and lazy daisies are the bane of my stitching existence. Oh, they are easy enough to make—if what you mean by make is to go through the motions. But you want four of them…or four sets of them to turn out looking the same? Forget it. If you want perfect eyelets, with all legs the same length, I’ve got one for you (that’s at least close) and three that suffer from some tragic deformity. Then we have the lazy daisies. They are  simple enough, just a loop tied down by a stitch. But what if you want those loops all to be the same size AND to bear some passing resemblance to their namesake flower petals? Ah…there’s the rub. So guess what stitches fill the center of the squares I outlined yesterday with double cross stitch in Band Six of the Hapsburg Lace Sampler? You got it…eyelets and daisies. First the entire sampler:

Hapsburg Band 6

Hapsburg Band 6

And now the close up of the eyelet and daisy fill:

Hapsburg 6-fill

Hapsburg 6-fill

Cheer up, my daisies might get more uniform, since twelve groups of three remain to be stitched.

Am I grumpy? No—because first, I need the practice on these stitches and second, I think this is a beautiful piece and I can’t wait to see it done. Tanja Berlin is an extraordinary designer!

Goodnight, happy stitching and God Bless,





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