It’s all Gloria’s fault….

Well, maybe I should rephrase that…after all, Gloria, one of my stitching sisters did nothing wrong. In fact, she did me a great favor. She reminded me…several times…of a stitching retreat that coincided with the first weekend of my spring break. And, in one of the few times that I have come up for air this semester, I saw her um…second or maybe third email to me and I signed up.  Law school and its demands make me a very one-dimensional person. I HATE that part of this endeavor. But it is often  all I can do to get barely enough sleep, get my work done and make time for a spiritual life (of sorts, sometimes I short God too…I need to re-think that).

So…off I went a week ago Friday to ‘the ranch’—a wonderful ranch and retreat center in Amery, Wisconsin. It was 3 days of heaven. In addition to stitching, it was glorious to spend time with women I really—I mean REALLY—enjoy. I stitched, slept, chatted, slept, ate (wonderful food), slept, and stitched and chatted some more. I roomed with another s.s. (stitching sister) Theresa. It was so fun. Indeed, it was so fun I wanted to stay. Like forever. However, my world wouldn’t be complete without DH and Mom and my pocketbook would have run dry before my relaxing was done (I am by no means calling the Ranch expensive. It is the best deal around and a perfect, peaceful place—-however, that law school thing means my ‘means’ are very limited). So home I came on Sunday. But I’ve stitched and re-acquainted myself with my stash this week—which was the perfect thing as I ended up a bit under the weather. I didn’t get all the work done I’d planned to do, but I am caught up on my rest, I am feeling better and I re-discovered a couple of my other dimensions along the way.

I don’t have pictures (yet) of the work I did at the Ranch. It’s not very impressive in terms of amount done, but I was stitching motifs over one on 32 count linen.

However, I do have a photo of what I was working on tonight while DH and I watched a couple of ‘Castle‘ episodes.

Hapsburg Lace Sampler by Tanja Berlin

Hapsburg Lace Sampler by Tanja Berlin

This glorious piece, The Hapsburg Lace Sampler by Tanja Berlin, is done primarily in #8 white perle cotton on a dusky blue canvas-I believe 18 ct.  I really love the ornate stitches and how they pop against the blue. It’s a great piece to work on while watching TV because it is all one color. I am on Band 6 of 25. So—there’s still a ways to go. I didn’t progress well with my goals from last fall, but spring break did find me with a needle in hand. And…

It’s all Gloria’s fault! (Thank you, Ms. Gloria, for your persistence. You are a wonderful friend!)







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