A (Mostly) Productive Day:

This was my second day at Japanese Embroidery and I am really enjoying myself. I participate through the Needlework Guild of Minnsota and our teacher is Kay Stanis. She is a well-known national teacher in the U.S., teaching many silk and metal techiques.  We are fortunate to learn from her.  I am very close to being done with my Phase I project. I won’t finish it in my half day tomorrow, but the finish line is in sight. Today I completed the pine branches (Done in number one gold):

Upper pine brances

Upper pine branches

Lower pine branches

Lower pine branches

I also finished one cherry blossom, alhtough I had to rip out the leaves. (It seems I invented a new stitch. 😦 ) This blossom is done with one and a half flat silk. It must be laid in line with the weft of the fabric and the stitches spaced evenly. This is my third or forth try and I”m still not thrilled with it, but I wanted to move on.  The gold stamens are superimposed on the flat silk. Stitching over the silk without disturbing it is HARD. So be kind. :-)”

Flat silk cherry blossom

Flat silk cherry blossom

But tomorrow it is on to the leaves. I found where I went wrong, so hopefully no more new stitches.  Other plans for tomorrow morning:  Work on the mist (gold lines across the right side of the design that the cloud pines rest on), the other cherry blossom which is done in a twisted thread, the foundation for my last cloud pine and add another cherry blossom to the piece to cover a spoton the fabric. Oh…and sprouts for the yellow bamboo. We will see how far I get. 🙂

Last night I also knitted 6 rows on my current lace scarf attempt. I am a beginner in lace knitting, so the scarf isn’t perfect, but I am learning!

I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend filled with things you love to do and, more importantly, with the people you love close enough to hug.




2 thoughts on “A (Mostly) Productive Day:

  1. Actually, 46 stitches, so i will have to check and see if I ‘mis-typed’. And, because my stitch doesn’t have the weight of history behind it (Like 3000 years of history) I am out of luck and simply need to do it the way it has always been done. 🙂

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