Yes—Yes I am…

I am now officially a 2L (second year law stutdent). Supposedly that means this year will not be quite as intense as last year. I have already shared that I will stitch as often as I can—because a healthy life is a balanced life and last year was definitely not balanced!  In addtion to missing stitching, I’ve also missed learning new embroidery techniques, therefore I am taking two classes this fall and winter (God willing). First I will resume my Japanese embroidery lessons—a long weekend later in the fall. After that I will take a class offered by Thistle Threads. You may remember Thistle Threads and Tricia for this.  Anyhooooo…This class is taught by Ms. Tricia herself. Her online classes are wonderful and worth every dime!  (I have also had the privilege of taking an in person class and if you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Tricia, don’t walk, but run to sign up!) 

Okay, so…back to where I started—Tricia’s new online class.  (I’ve taken her Floral Glove, Gold Masterwork Class and her Shady Bower Class in the past).  The new one is called The Tudor Rose. I look forward to it! The nice thing about online classes is I can take it at my own pace. I also know Tricia practices excellence and I will gain both stitching skill and receive a wonderful history lesson as well. I am also turning myself inside out trying to figure out a way to afford her casket class whilst still in school. No luck, but I find periodic drooling over the photos helps. 🙂

I didn’t stitch today…I had a memorial service to attend for a woman who was a very dear friend…a lifelong dear friend and then I had the privilege of enjoying dinner with 3 of my 4 stitching sisters. Dinner was wonderful. But tomorrow I will stitch. 

It’s time for bed…so best blessings to you and yours. 




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